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Aracaunia's yarns are produced by a group of Chilean handcrafters and designers who are dedicated to dye yarn for clothing and knitting. The fibres are carefully selected by distributors from all over the world. From the Patagonian wool to the Peruvian alpaca, from the Turkish angora to the Egyptian cotton. Their work is done only to offer the very best quality. All yarns are dyed by hand and each hank is unique and different from the others. It is recommended to use two different ones when knitting with this yarn in order to get the softest colour transitions possible. Ruca is produced from 100 % sugarcane. It is easy to work with and the clothes have a beautiful hang to them.

Artesano Yarns is one of Europe's biggest distributors of Peruvian alpaca and also, the only distributor of yarns from Manos del Uruguay in Scandinavia, Germany , Great Britain and Ireland.

Artesano alpaca
The alpaca is one of the world's most exclusive varities of wool. The wool is strong, very soft but does not bother your skin. This wool is free from lanolin and therefore gives this wool a dry sensation. People that are sensitive to wool or those with allergies can very often wear alpaca without problems. The alpaca's capacity to retain heat is unique. It is 30 % warmer than merino wool. There are two kinds of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri. 90 % of the alpaca population is Huacaya and has a fluffy fur while Suris have long dread locks. Suris are clipped down every 2 to 3 years.

Atelier Zitron - Exciting and inspirational yarns in tune with nature.

Here is an invitation to be become familiar with the wonderful soft yarns from Atelier Zitron with among others, the well-known sock yarn Trekking Handart. Atelier Zitron stands for world class creatiivity, innovation and top quality with special attention to animals and nature. Atelier Zitron is a German family owned company which has specialized on yarns from natural materials of extreme high quality.Their goal is to be a world leading company in terms of quality, something they always strive for. Atelier Zitron is very careful in its choice of material. They definitely take a distance from animals kept in bad conditions. All wool is washed, combed, spun and  in Germany according to environmental regulations. All yarns are dyed according to Ökotex standard 100. This means that a newborn can put the yarn in its mouth without the risk of ingesting harmful chemical substances.

Rosarios 4 specializes on textile dyeing and has always focused on innovation and precision without neglecting highest quality. The company invests widely in fibres from natural origin such as wool, milk protein, silk, cotton, bamboo, corn , cashmere and alpaca. They work with natural colour dyes from vegetable extracts, fruits and insects and always with respect for the environmental balance in the nature. Rosario 4 is a big player in this field both nationally as well as internationally.

Zealana Possum Yarn

The unique fibre properties from the possum's fur are similar to only one other animal on our planet, the polar bear. The fibres are hollow, short, light, very soft and in order for the fibres to be spun, they must be mixed with other types of fibres. Possum mixed with New Zealand merino wool gives a durable yarn with a superior capacity to retain heat. The fibres are resistant to all temperatures and is suitable for all sorts of weather conditions. The possum's fibre is fluffy and does not generate burls. If mixed with silk or cotton, you get exclusive winter and summer yarns. The knitting yarns are dyed with non-metallic dyes that are Ökotex marked. The organic yarns Eco Blend 2020 are dyed in an acid based dye which is eco-friendly and also gives a good resistency to light.

The production of possum yarn contributes to maintain and undamaged environment on New Zealand. The possum is not an domestic species and has due to its growth become a threat to the eco - system.This species contributes to the extinction of many unique bird species and plants. The government of New Zealand deposits larg amounts of money each year to keep the number of possums down. The possum fibre that Zealana uses comes exclusively from animals that have had to be put down. WWF - Worlwide Fund for Nature - supports all sales from possum products.

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Textera – Yarns and textiles in natural materials

All Texteras yarns are recognized by highest quality and are selected by Swedish and European distributors that focus on organic production and fairtrade.
All textiles are our own, designed and handwoven in our studio. We only use natural materials for these items and every item is produced on a small scale or even unique. To make handcraft is a lifestyle but also an expression for the future. Quality holds, quality is worth while.