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The Canadian detergent has been on the market for over 20 years and is a very appreciated, easy and environmentally friendly alternative to other detergent for a more delicate wash. It is unique low foam detergent where no rinsing is requierd. Eucalan is free from phosphates, bleach, artficial perfumes and colouring. The addition of essential oils and lanolin work as a softener and gives fragrant clothes with a nice shine.
Adress: Bredviken 6, 91342 Obbola Sweden
Telefon:+4670-698 97 96
E-post: info@textera.se
Textera – Yarns and textiles in natural materials

All Texteras yarns are recognized by highest quality and are selected by Swedish and European distributors that focus on organic production and fairtrade.
All textiles are our own, designed and handwoven in our studio. We only use natural materials for these items and every item is produced on a small scale or even unique. To make handcraft is a lifestyle but also an expression for the future. Quality holds, quality is worth while.